Who is a long-term survivor of HIV?

The definition of a long-term survivor is expansive. There are many ways to be a long-term survivor of HIV. As a welcoming and open network, The Reunion Project holds an inclusive view of HIV long-term survival:

  • Many people who identify as long-term survivors have been living with HIV for 10 years or more.
  • Others feel that their long-term survival is shaped by the experience of living with HIV since before the time when there was any effective treatment (~1996).
  • Some feel that their long-term survival experience is marked by going through different eras of their life—perhaps from being young adults to now being elders—while living with HIV.
  • Lifetime survivors, also known as Dandelions, are people who have been living with HIV since birth or early childhood
  • We also welcome people who are not living with HIV to join our network or workgroups as allies, many of them have been involved with or affected by HIV for many years.

Use the tools and resources below to amplify HIV long-term survivor messaging and share our unique stories, disseminate accurate information, and issue calls-to-action on issues and policies affecting people living with HIV for more than a decade.

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Below are some additional resources for long-term survivors and those aging with HIV:

Download the Congressional Policy Brief on HIV and Aging.

Download The Unintended Consequences of AIDS Survival.

Visit the Elder Care Locator and type in zip code or call 800-677-1116 for information and referrals for local services.

Download the Basics of HIV and AIDS fact sheet, which provides important information, including how HIV is transmitted and treated. The fact sheet includes links to additional information and resources. Download the fact sheet in Spanish.

Visit the Understanding HIV section of the HIVinfo website to browse HIV-related education materials, including fact sheets, infographics and an HIV glossary.


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