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Jeff Berry (he/him)

Jeff Berry (he/him)

Executive Director

Jeff Berry is executive director and co-founder of The Reunion Project, the national alliance of HIV long-term survivors. Berry previously served as Chief Editorial Officer of TPAN and Editor of Positively Aware magazine, serving as editor from 2005–2022.

He was recently appointed to the Illinois Commission on LGBT Aging, and serves as co-chair of the HIV and Aging and Long-Term Survivor subcommittee.

Berry is the inaugural chair of the CRISPR for Cure CAB of the Martin Delaney Cure Collaboratories, and is a member of the Community Collaboration Board (CCB) of the Third Coast Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), the Fair Pricing Coalition (FPC), and the AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition (ATAC).

He resides in Chicago, Illinois with his husband Stephen and their two furry kids.


Larry Bryant (he/him)

Larry Bryant (he/him)

Senior Project Manager

Larry Bryant is the Senior Program Manager of The Reunion Project, where he contributes administrative and programmatic oversight and technical expertise for the organization. By collaborating with regional and national partners, Larry assists with creating and developing interactive and inclusive activities and events centered around the experiences of long-term survivors of HIV.

Larry has almost 30 years working in the HIV & AIDS community including national organizer with the Campaign to End AIDS, the national movement of people living with HIV advocating and demanding for the tools and resources to end the AIDS epidemic once and for all.

Larry, himself a long-term survivor of HIV, was diagnosed in 1986, and is a native Washingtonian, currently residing in Brooklyn NY.

Heather O’Connor (she/her)

Heather O’Connor (she/her)

Program Coordinator

Heather O’Connor is a woman, wife, and mother living with HIV- diagnosed in 2016. She currently serves as Program Coordinator for The Reunion Project and has experience with communication and programmatic work for several HIV-specific organizations, such as the International Community of Women Living with HIV, National Working Positive Coalition, Ribbon and the Well Project.

Heather is responsible for outward-facing materials representing The Reunion Project, as well as the management of incoming communications. Heather also provides technical assistance for webinars and other virtual events. Heather also sits on the Perinatal Guideline Panel. Heather is the inspiration for the development of “The Milky Moovement +”, a supportive network for mothers/ birthing parents with an interest in breast/chest feeding.

Waheedah Shabazz-El (she/her)

Waheedah Shabazz-El (she/her)

Director of Community Engagement

Waheedah Shabazz-El is a Black American Muslim woman and retired postal worker, diagnosed with AIDS in 2003.  A Community Organizer, Strategist & Trainer, a  graduate of Project Teach and a longtime member of ACT-UP Philadelphia.

Waheedah is a founding member of Positive Women’s Network-USA and is currently advancing a national alliance of HIV long-term survival with The Reunion Project.

In the area of HIV Cure Research Waheedah is chairperson Emeritus for the Delaney Collaboratory BEAT HIV Cure CAB at the Wistar Institute as well as the Penn CFAR CAB.

Her proudest moments: A White House reception in 2010, invited by President Barack Obama.  Delivering the Closing Plenary address at the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria, representing the USA.

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