LTS and HIV Cure Research Webinar Series

by | Nov 22, 2023 | News

Learn about related cutting-edge work and community advocacy issues.

Are you interested in HIV cure research for HIV Long Term Survivors (LTS)? If you want to be a part of the discussion with experts in the field and learn about related cutting-edge work and community advocacy issues, please join The Reunion Project and the NIH’s Martin Delaney Collaboratory Community Advisory Boards (CABs)—Delaney AIDS Research Enterprise (DARE), RID HIV (RID) and CRISPR for CURE (CRISPR)—along with other community partners as we present a seven-part webinar series on the latest in HIV cure-related scientific issues for 50+ PLHIV and Long-Term Survivors.

The next LTS and HIV cure research webinar is Tuesday, September 19, and is focused on Lifetime Survivors (people who acquired HIV around birth or at an early age). The series runs through November, and each monthly webinar will be one hour, with question-and-answer periods that include researchers, CAB members and HIV activists to ensure the community perspective is covered. Register now!

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